Q: Why don’t they sell Polish pickled corn at the grocery store anymore? -Pickled in Punxsutawney

That’s a great question, Punxsutawney! What you may not know is that Polish pickled corn is the favorite food of a very special species of rabbit. The Polishus pickledus rabbitus, otherwise known as the Polish Pickled Rabbit (named after its food source of course), is a cherished species in Poland, beloved by the nation throughout its history. They have recently been discovered to be endangered, coming precariously close to a tragic extinction. Since Polish pickled corn had been so much in demand in the past years, there was none left for the starving rabbits. When scientists discovered the reason for these cherished creatures’ decline, the Polish government made a difficult decision and outlawed all sales of Polish pickled corn, whether domestic or exported. Thus, the Polish pickled rabbit population is gradually regaining its numbers, and Polish pickled corn is no longer sold in grocery stores.*

*Find reference



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