Room 4 has a very special place in most of our hearts: the open windows, the round table, the comfy chairs. But perhaps most important are the wheels underneath those comfy chairs. “Bumper Chairs” is an activity many of us here at Pathways have participated in, which (for those unaware) involves flailing around the room in a moving chair, often involving two people who crash into one another at some point – ah, the beauty of such young, intellectual minds. However, The Radish staff realized, during a recent round of Bumper Chairs, that this sport proves to be much more dangerous than meets the eye. After conducting a series of experiments that resulted in collision with the wall, a stubbed toe, collision with the wall, severe dizziness, collision with the wall, a banged knee, and collision with the wall, we concluded that it takes only four seconds of playing bumper chairs to get hurt*. To get an idea of exactly how fast these chairs can move, we held another experiment and found that they take only three seconds to cover 17 feet. What does this mean? It means these chairs have high velocity impact that is potentially deadly. While bumper chairs is very dear to us all… ride at your own risk.

*These multiple injuries were all inflicted on a single, anonymous member of The Radish. Can you guess who?


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