Meet our staff:

In the mainstream context, we are called Anna Bigham and Haven Hunt.

Anna Bigham is one of the few geniuses within this co-op that recognizes the possibility of great inventions, such as bird helmets. Anna boldly faces large problems, such as sexism during lunchtime and the social abnormalities homeschoolers take part in. Informally voted the best dressed at Pathways, Anna also probably enjoys doing things like reading. Who knows. Anna, as editor, is a safety net for the other writer(s) of the Radish, and often will not let them publish articles with drastic grammatical errors. However, if they’re too annoying, she may let a few things slip. Anna’s past accomplishments include founding the Pathways sport of snarming, editing and writing for the 7-6 Post, and overall being more mature than at least 67% of the people at Pathways. Also, this bio was written by Haven Hunt.

Haven Hunt is the gifted mind who came up with our lovely tagline, however Anna Bigham got all the credit for this. This is typical. Haven is the source of many of the creative ideas incorporated into the Radish, but her genius is never recognized. She has the ability to look behind the normal, to see strange and unlimited possibilities for solving the world’s problems. Haven was nominated by at least one person to be ‘Clumsiest at Pathways’ and has won an illustrious award for ‘Most Dedicated to Bird Safety’. One of her favorite pastimes is stealing food from others, a representation of her generous and caring heart. She is an expert snarmer. Haven’s past writing experience includes several pieces for the 7-6 Post. Anna Bigham takes credit for this bio, as she does with most things here at the Radish. While this is an injustice, she doesn’t care.

Marion Yingling has absolutely nothing to qualify her for this job; however, we’re stuck with her and appreciate her insight. Her hobbies include photography and looking at pictures of fat animals. She has previously been a member of the 7-6 Post and currently works on advertising for the Radish, primarily because of her shrewd business sense*.

Aedan Del Monte is the newest member to the Radish team, and already extremely influential in conversations involving memes or superheroes. While Aedan does not have previous experience working with the 7-6 Post, his passionate writing about dank memes makes up for it.





* If you have any inquiries about advertising your business or product in the Radish, you’re welcome to contact Marion in person at Pathways or through email at marionluvsthebiz@theradish.com. It’s a toss up whether or not she’ll answer you, though.


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